About Us

11221998_10153718073494312_7809458895008132402_nHello! We’re the Pazes! I’m Maria and I live with my husband, Nic in Anacortes, WA. Anacortes is a tiny little town on Fidalgo Island, North of Seattle. We moved here from Michigan in the summer of 2014, since then we’ve decided to go tiny in order to reduce our expenses, pay off student debt, and live more simply.

We are so glad that you’ve stopped by to learn more about our tiny house studio project and hope that you’ll keep checking back for updates. Our vision for this tiny house is a space that allows us to have a fully functioning recording studio inside, since both Nic and I are musicians. We also plan to have a queen sized bed in a loft and another loft for my art studio/office space.

We have put together a rough estimate of what the house might cost us and we tried to apply for a tiny house loan in order to finance our project. Unfortunately, we weren’t approved for the loan in light of our current “college student” level income. We had planned to build the house in my parents’ yard in Traverse City, MI. Then we would have hauled it out to Washington in April before our lease is up in May. However, because we were not initially approved to finance the whole project, we have moved on to plan B, RV living! This will be just for a few years till the student loans are paid off and we have saved up enough to build the tiny house of our dreams! Please keep us in your prayers as we move forward in some big ways towards this dream of ours! Thank you for following us!