Arrival & RV Reno begins!!!

The Adventure Begins (1).png


Hello Friends!

We FINALLY got our trailer delivered Friday! We went to see it in the beginning of March and actually struck a deal on the spot! We really were excited, but the bad news came when the owner informed us that he had lost the title to it and would have to do some paperwork to get a new title from Arizona, since the trailer had an Arizona plate. So alas, we waited… we kept our eyes open for other options, but we hoped and prayed that this one would come through… and it finally has! (3 wks later).

So here I am, finally on spring break from my classes and with 6 days to work full time on this project! I hope I can get a lot done! Our plans so far are to:

  • Remove wallpaper, Prime & Paint walls
  • Prime & Paint Cabinets
  • Replace flooring with interlocking vinyl planks

That’s all we plan to do for now, but we have exciting ideas for improvements down the road. One improvement I would LOVE to add is a tankless hot water heater! Right now we only have 6 gallons, so that’s barely a 5 minute shower. Thankfully most RV parks have nice bath houses so we’ll survive. Most of these upgrades will happen as the budget allows. But I can’t wait to see it start taking shape!

We’ve named our rig the “Peaceful Wanderer” playing with our last name a little. “Paz” is actually Spanish for “Peace.” So with our journey just beginning, we decided this would be a good representation of us. We’ve also brought back the phrase “peace out!” just because we can!

Now I know you’re all just dying to see the inside so here is a quick video tour! Stay tuned for updates on the renovations this week! I spent a few hours scraping wallpaper yesterday, it’s not as easy as you’d think.

The Peaceful Wanderer.png

Enjoy! Be sure to subscribe to my channel for more exciting videos! We’d love to hear about your experiences in your camper or RV. We have so much more to learn but we are enjoying every step of this process! Thanks for all your support!

Peace Out,

Maria & Nic

Tiny Paz Life


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