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Hello everyone!

Hope you all had a great Leap Day on Monday! It was certainly a memorable weekend for us as Nic & I celebrated our 5th year “dating” anniversary on Feb. 28th.


I can’t help but reflect on that evening we spent, gazing at the stars by the St. Joe River in Berrien Springs, MI with just a slight hint of the campus dairy farm in the air. We had spontaneously decided to go for a walk that evening and we ended up spending almost an hour just sitting on the bank discussing our lives and staring in awe at the sky. I had often explained to Nic how staring at the stars helped strengthen my faith in God and creation, and this night was indeed something magical. On our way back up to the dorms Nic explained to me in his nervous tone that he had enjoyed the times we had spent together so far, that he really liked me, and wondered if he could have the “honor” of calling me his girlfriend! I was so excited and of course I said yes, so 2 years later, on the same day he proposed, and here we are 5 years later, almost married 3 years! Time just flies by and we fall more and more in love everyday! I am so thankful that no matter where we end up, God has put Nic and I together forever.

RV Hunting:


We have been searching craigslist and other sites daily, for good RV deals. We went down last weekend and looked at a 29ft 5th wheel that was in great shape, but the asking price was a bit high, and after standing in it we realized we might want to go a bit bigger to fit our needs. So we’re driving about an hour south tonight to look at a 32ft travel trailer. We can’t see as much as we’d like to in the pictures, but we think this could be the one! It’s got a great bedroom, slide out with a couch, and a cute little kitchen. For a 2004, this one is quite promising! At this point, it’s still kinda scary, not knowing where you’re going to live in 3 months, but God has brought us this far in our journey, we trust that he’ll see us through.

Sneak peek at the RV we’re looking at tonight!


What Not to Wear 101:

Another thing we’ve really been working on, besides selling furniture, is our wardrobes! We’ve donated SO MANY clothes since we moved here, but discovered that we needed to downsize even more if there was any hope in successful RV living. Nic and I have both started capsule wardrobe plans. If you’re not familiar with the concept, a capsule wardrobe is a collection of basic pieces that can all work together to form many different outfits without having to own a million pieces of clothing. The trick seems to be getting rid of pieces that you never wear, or rarely wear, because in an RV or Tiny House you don’t have room for things like that. If it doesn’t serve a purpose it goes! I found that while sorting through my closet, I had t-shirts from high school and old tank tops with paint stains, things that I know I should not be wearing anymore, but I keep for the memories. I was always taught to be thankful for what I had, but this translated into KEEP EVERYTHING when it came to clothes. I am learning that I can hold onto those memories by creating a t-shirt quilt and I don’t have to keep everything that I’ve ever owned in order to be grateful. So we’re donating the clothes that aren’t stained or ripped, as well as our good shoes that we don’t need. It’s hard letting go sometimes, but when you have just what you need and no excess, its a lot easier to get dressed everyday and you always have something to wear!

Here’s an example of a capsule wardrobe (of course everyone personalizes it to their own style). Source: http://livelovesara.com/2015/05/capsule-wardrobe-for-spring-summer/


We would love to hear about your leap day stories! Let us know what you think of the capsule wardrobe concept? Would you be up for the challenge? Comment below!

Until next time,




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