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Hi friends!

We’re making moves in our RV living plans! These are exciting and also (terrifyingly) uncertain times for us. But we are continuing to put our trust in God and believe that He’ll open the right doors for us when we’re ready for them.

Rather than finding a “space” or backyard to park our RV, Nic and I have looked into staying in an RV park. After looking at some options online, I went to visit PioneerTrails.com RV Resort here in town (Anacortes, WA)! I was pleasantly surprised to learn this RV park not only offered full service hookups at each site, but also provided decent wifi and campfire pits! The grounds are well kept with charming fences and beautiful landscaping! If that wasn’t enough to convince me this place was perfect, Nic also did some math and discovered we would be saving between $350-$400/month on our living expenses! These are the numbers we like to see!


So we move on to finding the perfect rig. The regulations in this park are strict, but for good reason. They do not allow trailers that are rusted out or falling apart. They also don’t allow construction on site! (Yay for peace and quiet!). Of course, we are not about to sink our entire tiny house budget into an RV, the whole point is to save money, pay off student loans, THEN build a tiny house! So, we have been searching for something that can meet our immediate needs that is within our budget. After searching much of the northwest on craigslist and other sites, we’ve decided to give some thought to bringing a trailer over from my homeland, Michigan. While we might spend a couple grand in transportation expenses, that same amount cannot buy us the same value in a trailer out here. So, my dad has been gracious enough to agree to go see this trailer for us and give it what I endearingly refer to as “the Dad inspection.” My father has seen many-a-trailer in his day and has even run into his own surprises resulting in buyers remorse. If this particular 1990’s 40ft 5th wheel gets his thumbs up, then we’re well on our way to being full-time RV dwellers!

I can’t help but get antsy thinking about what the next few months will bring us, but we are doing our best to stay level-headed and continue to pray for God’s guidance and patience in this pretty life-changing decision.


I’ve been asked by some people if I’m worried about getting sick of the RV or feeling cooped up during our very rainy Washington winters, and the truth is I’m not worried at all. I’m not sure if I should be either I guess. I justify this because some of my favorite memories growing up are of my family camping together in various Northern Michigan parks. I always loved packing up for the weekend, taking bike rides, and running off to the beach with my sisters right after breakfast (Dad’s pancakes and hashbrowns, Mmmmmm!). I can’t imagine a more peaceful place to spend the next few years, than to be surrounded by beautiful evergreens and meeting people as they come and spend their time in this awesome resort. So no, I’m not worried, and yes, I might be slowly transforming into a hippie!

We would love to hear about your RV or camping experiences! Share your stories and advice with us in the comments below! Thanks for following us, stay tuned for updates!


Maria L. Paz



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