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Designing & Planning: Phase 1

Hello Y’all!mickey

I am so excited to share the latest developments of our Tiny House Plans. I have been visiting my home in Traverse City, MI for a few weeks and have taken time to sit down with my Dad who is a finish carpenter and all around handy man with his own business. Tonight we spent about 5 hours bringing my poorly drawn sketches, ideas, needs, and dreams to life! It was almost magical to see how he took what I was saying and made it 10 times better!

20151203_225402 (1)
Here is what our plan looks like so far: It will be on a 5th wheel trailer, have 3 different loft spaces and include our awesome recording studio! I’m just
showing rough sketches since we still haven’t ironed out all the
wrinkles. As soon as we finish up drawing plans we will be making a materials list and getting an estimate. Once we have an estimate we will be able to apply for our tiny house mortgage and make it all happen! Isn’t this crazy? And to think that our journey really just began in September when we sold our first piece of furniture!

20151203_225332 (1)20151203_225337 (1)
20151203_225349 (2)

I just want to encourage anyone thinking about doing a tiny house to really seriously consider it as an option! This is a great way to reduce financial stress and oasisbe free to travel, pursue hobbies, or really just do whatever you want with your free time. For us it’s an opportunity to pay of my student debt more quickly and then go on that cruise we wanted to do for our honeymoon!

I look forward to sharing more with you as we move forward, at this point it’s all just paper and I know for a fact that my kitchen is not quite the way I want it, but it’s a working progress and I love sharing our journey with you! I’d love to hear about what your dreams would be in a tiny house or other ways you are finding to save money and live more simply!

Until next time, Maria



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