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Just Keep Swimming…


Hi everyone! Sorry we’ve missed you the last couple weeks, things have become so crazy since we began planning our tiny house adventure. I was sick for a week and I’m also looking to make a change in my employment, both things have driven me almost completely nuts! But through it all we just keep swimming!


Nic and I have come up with a plan to move forward with our tiny house/recording studio! We plan to draw up our design and consult with a builder before January. After finalizing most of our design and materials we plan to use to fund our project and allow us to build the house while we are still finishing up our lease (which is over in May 2016). The closer we get and the more we talk about our tiny house, the more real it is becoming! I feel like every time I do laundry
I’m challenging myself to get rid of what I don’t need and live with just the “bare necessities of life!”

Bass TrapNic and I have also talked a lot about the specifics of our studio design. There are a lot of mysteries that we will need to solve to ensure that our Tiny House is “recording studio” friendly. This may involve less windows on one end of our house and space lost from using acoustic absorption panelling. For example, in
smaller rooms we’ve learned that bass frequencies are more likely to cause issues, this means we need to use “bass traps” in the corners and to absorb the unwanted sound. This may reduce our available storage around the recording desk. Our challenge will be to create a recording desk that can provide storage as well as an area to entertain friends and family. What fun we are having designing all this custom furniture! It has been a crazy journey so far, and so much has changed since we first started talking in September. Wish us luck!

Nic & Maria at the Seattle Space Needle
Nic & Maria at the Seattle Space Needle

We would like to take a step back and thank all of you for following our story! If you are thinking of building a tiny house or already have one, we’d love to hear your stories!


2 thoughts on “Just Keep Swimming…

  1. This is so cool. The recording artist/traveling nurse home featured in Tiny House Nation was definitely a bit inspiring but not probably as nice as your plans. The crazy thing is my fiancee and I have been talking about a tiny house or something like it for our stay in Loma Linda. We’ll have to keep in touch if we decide to go that route. 😃👍


    1. Awesome Ben! Would love to keep in touch! I loved that episode too! Very inspiring! We are going for a bigger/more functional model with our studio set up, but it was great to see it can be done! We have lots of friends in the Loma Linda area! Let us know how your plans progress!
      Best, Maria


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