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Just a daydream!

Hello everyone!

My name is Maria Lynn Paz, my husband is Nic. We made a big move across the US from Michigan to Washington state last summer. Since then we’ve celebrated our two year anniversary and our 23rd birthdays. We’re both young, I’m still a student and only working part time, and we’re on our own… needless to say cash is tight. Thanks to my very tidy husband, every dollar has a place and we are diligent in following our bi weekly budget.

Recently we’ve been trying to figure out what our future looks like… do we have a house on a hill? Do we live here in the beautiful Anacortes, WA? Do we have kids? the list goes on. But what’s more concerning is that the math doesn’t add up! With my student loans, rent, and other living expenses, we feel like we’re at a stand still with our savings and don’t see how we could ever save up a down payment for a house at the rate we’re going. And to add to that dilemma, a house is permanent, and we’re not sure that permanent is a good idea right now.

So that leads me to introduce you to this, The Tiny Paz Studio! I’ve been fascinated by the Tiny House Movement ever since it became a ‘thing.’ But more recently my fascination has turned into drawings, research, and estimates! I’ve been sharing these ideas and thoughts with my husband, who agrees that it’s time for a change! We’re currently living in a 1600 sq. ft, 1 bedroom + office apartment. We’ve accumulated more stuff than we probably even realize and half the time I have no idea where things are! (That’s probably my fault since I’m so messy). I’ve just realized how much I own and how much of it I don’t even really need.

Now it’s our turn! Introducing “The Tiny Paz Studio” which Nic and I plan to build as soon as we can get everything figured out and saved up for! Our tiny house will not be just any ordinary tiny house! It will be a moveable, liveable, recording studio on wheels! We love our music, if we give up everything else, all we need is each other and our music! So we are going to be researching and designing and building our tiny studio according to the best and most affordable standards we can. Although we don’t have all the kinks worked out, we hope this will be an inspirational and educational journey for everyone who chooses to follow us!

Until next time!

xo, Maria


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